Dumpsters and Speed Bumps

Our Dumpster area needs some TLC  There are two dumpsters, however, we continue to throw our bags in the front dumpster no matter how full it is while the back dumpster remains empty.   Please use both dumpsters.  Also, these dumpsters are for trash only – no furniture, cardboard boxes, or other large items should be left in this area.  It is not our  responsibility to dispose of your items.

Speed Bumps:  We have received bids back from one company, and they are as follows:  $19,000 for spike downs and $31,000 for asphalt.  That’s a little  high for me, so I propose that we purchase the nail down speed bumps ourselves this fall.  We will have our maintenance employee, myself and some volunteers to put them down on streets that requested them.  This will be a lot cheaper, and we can order everything needed ourselves when they go on sale.  I will keep you informed of prices, before anything is done.

Thanks, Billy Wayne McCumbee